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Procurement Basic online chapter

Procurement Basic online chapter
01 Basics for Procurement Management
 01.The Roles and Functions of Procurement
 02.Quality Control
 03.Delivery Control
 04.Inventory Control
 05.Inventory Reduction
 06.Reduction of Procurement Lead-time
02 CR Management
 01.Basics for Procurement Cost Reduction
 02.Basic Steps of Procurement Cost Reduction
03 Cost Analysis
 01.Investigative Purchasing
 02.Concept and Format of Cost Breakdown Quotation
 03.Similar Product Comparison
 04.Quote Comparison
 05.Supplier Investigation
04 Negotiation Skill
 01.Role of Procurement Negotiation
 02.Basics for Preparing Procurement Negotiations
 03.Basics for Negotiation Meeting
05 CSR/Risk Management
 01.CSR and Procurement
 02.Overview of Procurement Risk and the Basic for Risk Management
 03.Ethical Risk and legal Risk
 04.Basics for Contract
06 Supplier Management
 01.What is Supplier Management
 02.Overview of Supplier Management
 03.Key Points of New Supplier Sourcing
 04.Key Points of Supplier Consolidation
 05.Key Points of Supplier Strengthening
07 Supplier Evaluation
 01.Outline of Supplier Evaluation System
08 Improvement Methodology 1 VE
 01.Introduction of VE
 02.Process of VE 1
 03.Process of VE 2
09 Improvement Methodology 2 IE
 01.Introduction of Industrial Engineering(IE)
 02.Process Analysis
 03.Work Sampling
 04.Operation Analysis
 05.Production Line Organization
 06.Man-Machine Analysis(Multiple Activity Analysis)
10 Improvement Methodology 3 QC
 01.QC and Problem Solving Method
 02.Procedure of Problem Solving 1
 03.Procedure of Problem Solving 2
11 Cost Investigation Exercise
 01.Quotes Comparison
 02.Cost Investigation of Material Cost
 03.Cost Investigation of Processing Cost
12 Category Strategy
 01.What is Category Strategy
 02.Procedure and Key Points of Planning Category Strategy
13 Improvement Methodology 4 VR
 01.Basics of VR(Variety Reduction)
 02.Five Techniques of VR
14 Cost Planning/Engineering Purchasing
 01.What is Cost Planning
 02.Points of Cost Planning
 03.What is Engineering Purchasing
 04.Point of Engineering Purchasing